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New Zealanders are diagnosed with cancer each year. You are supporting them.

What is Daffodil Day?

Daffodil Day symbolises hope for all New Zealanders impacted by cancer.

Since 1990, this iconic event has inspired people to come together and support the Cancer Society's work. As well as providing an opportunity to raise awareness of cancer in New Zealand.

Your donations will go towards providing a wide range of support services, education and awareness programmes plus fund vital research into the causes and treatment of all types of cancer.  

Thanks to our ANZ, our principal sponsor for supporting the work we do for 30 years. 

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The street appeal in Auckland is cancelled. In all other parts of the country we will continue to organise street appeals while we are in Level 1 or 2.

Volunteering offers a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and support a worthy cause while having fun and making a difference.

Volunteers are essential to the success of Daffodil Day. The Cancer Society needs around 8,000 volunteers each year from throughout the country to help ensure Daffodil Day is a success.

To make a difference and volunteer for us click on the region you live on the map.


Click below for more helpful information about volunteering: 

An Introduction to Daffodil Day and the Cancer Society

Volunteer Info for Street Collection (Covid level 2)

You can for cancer 

You can for cancer is the Cancer Society's new community fundraising website. Everything you need to create a successful fundraiser can be found here - you'll find inspiring stories from communities all over Aotearoa, plenty of fun ideas, and downloadable resources to help you plan & promote your fundraiser.

Support Kiwis with cancer and their whānau today - You can for cancer!


If you have a different fundraising query, your local Cancer Society are always here to help. 


The Cancer Society sells beautiful bunches of fresh daffodils direct to your business or door step.

These blooms will add vibrant yellow colour to your reception, staff / board rooms and retail counters, or can be sent as gifts to your valued customers. As well as raising essential funds for the Cancer Society, these flowers will also help to raise awareness of Daffodil Day. 

Simply click on where you live on the map to submit your order.

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It's Melanoma Awareness Week and with a long weekend coming up, there's no better time to remind yourself how to apply sunscreen the right way. Watch the video below and let us know if you learnt anything!

Did you know we provide over 15,000 cancer information nurse visits each year? That's over 40 a day!

"I got my first melanoma in the late 90s…that was a direct consequence of one careless afternoon.

"I had such huge support from my friends and family when I went through my surgeries and treatment but there were some friends who just sort of backed off or disappeared.

"Everyone had an opinion about my cancer and they didn't mind sharing it in an unfiltered, non-thinking way…in the end I remember thinking I can't have this 'talk' getting into my head so I shut it down by saying 'everyone...

Do you know what the UV level is today? When the UV is 3 or more, it's time to slip, slop, slap and wrap.

Last week we asked for the quotes that inspired you during your cancer experience. This beautiful quote was shared with us by Sarah. "I love this quote because it was my mum's favourite.

We're excited to hear that 16 of our area co-ordinators for Daffodil Day received a letter from the Minister of Health recognising their hard work.

We love it when people send us the quotes that inspired them during their cancer experience. We'd like to share your quotes with our online community to give us all some inspiration.

“I don’t think I cried with friends or family often if at all. However, one day, very early in my diagnosis, when I was home alone I rang the Cancer Society and spoke to one of the care team.

Love your lady parts and smear your mea!
It’s Cervical Screening Awareness Month.

Fantastic to see two of our senior politicians put things aside for charity - a game of Monopoly with our winning bidder for our Daffodil day fundraiser - thanks Hamish, Rob, Paul Goldsmith, Grant Robertson, and The Thistle Inn!

We’d like you to meet Lochie, a seriously inspiring six year old. Lochie decided to go skiing for 40 days to raise funds for our Otago/Southland division.

This Mental Health Awareness Week we’d like to remind you that we’re here for you. We know that going through cancer is tough and can raise many questions.

Talking to your whānau about cancer is one of the hardest things you can do. Andrew tells us “I was 37 and my children were 1, 4 and 6 years old.

Cancer Society staff all across the country are practicing introducing themselves in Te Reo Māori for Māori Language Week. Here’s Charlie teaching us how.

Next week is Māori Language Week. We’re really excited to be a part of the Māori Language Moment at 12pm on Monday 14th September. How will you be celebrating Māori Language Week?

Prostate cancer accounts for 27% of all cancers in men.

Last month over 30 people shared their experiences with cancer to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Daffodil Day. We’d like to thank them all for sharing their amazing and inspiring stories!

Over 1600 daffodils were planted on daffodilday. org. nz in August. Here’s just a few of the daffodils that were planted and the people you told us you were planting them for. Thanks for your support!

Daffodil Day looked a bit different this year but was more important than ever. Auckland had to cancel their street collection and everywhere else collectors wore masks and practiced safe distancing.

Here just a few of the amazing volunteers who collected donations for our street appeal. Thanks for your support!
If you didn’t get a chance to donate in person, you can still donate using the link in our bio.

Check out our Daffodil Day dogs! We’ve snapped some pics of a particularly cute canine collector and some snuggly socially distanced supporters!

I’m Vienna. I’m 25 years old now and I’ve been volunteering for the Cancer Society in some way, since I was 5.

I had been ill off and on for about 9 months with no answers. After a number of tests they found renal cell carcinoma. I didn’t expect that. I felt numb and lost.